What's TheZoneMK all about?

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What's TheZoneMK all about?

Postby Mark » Fri Jan 04, 2008 7:53 pm

TheZoneMK provides a chat place for all things football in Milton Keynes. From Leagues, Clubs (junior, youth, senior, professional, young, old, girls, boys....), referees, training facilities, competitions, pitch locations, wanted/for sale, commercial outlets - it's all here, in one place, for everyone. It's not about replacing existing web sites, it's about providing an 'umbrella' over all that is football and generally provding some focus to the great game in the great City.

This site has been build using a product called phpbb http://www.phpbb.com/. This tool is all about providing the framework to create and build up great communities. Milton Keynes has a thriving and unique football community. Communities needs to unite and communicate. TheZoneMK is where everything that is football in Milton Keynes can come together for the betterment of the game and the City.

As you're reading this you're interested in football in Milton Keynes. The next thing to do is register and start contributing to one of the next great things that makes Milton Keynes a very special place.

And, TheZoneMK is free to all users, and it's the users ideas and suggestions will shape how TheZoneMK evolves. If you like what you see - say so, if you don't like what you see - say so. If you've got a great idea - say so....

There will be some adverts on TheZoneMK. Some will be general football/sport related ones from Google and others will be promoting local businesses and organistations. Please take some time to look at these ad's, especially the local ones - it's their contribution to the running of TheZoneMK that makes this all happen, and helps make football in Milton Keynes as great as it is.

If you have any ideas for improving TheZoneMK please email forum@thezonemk.co.uk, or post a reply in the forum.

Thanks for your interest and support,

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