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Postby NoGangRequired » Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:30 pm

Happy days watching them at Manor fields as a kid interestingly they reformed recently'ish and are looking to develop and grow
back at Manor fields.
Currently in Spartan South Midlands second division so lot of work to do.
1957 Bletchley & WIPAC changed name
1959 Left Hellenic League
1968-69 Joined Metropolitan League
1971-72 Joined Southern League Division One North.
1972-73 Transferred to Division One South
1973-74 Transferred back to Division One North
1974 Changed name to Milton Keynes City( this was first version of City)
1999 Milton Keynes changed name
Dec 1999 Resigned from league December, record (12-2-1-9-14-48-7) expunged

thanks to fchd for dates.

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