Should MK Dons provived free football in the comunity

Formerly known as Milton Keynes Dons Football in the Community Scheme or FITC.

Re: Should MK Dons provived free football in the comunity

Postby russelldash » Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:39 pm

no it do not
What you mean is you agree that professional coaches are not sent to schools in Milton Keynes
but are level one instructors cashed in by MK Dons too help pay for the grounds taken
who then in turn scout players and don't pay all Under the umbrella of Milton Keynes Education Authority
is that not right Mr Cove And Mr Dove
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Re: Should MK Dons provived free football in the comunity

Postby Liambrady » Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:36 pm

MKDSA wrote:Russell

You seem to have confused the MK Dons Academy with the MK Dons SET - they are entirely different bodies.

With regards to the Academy related questions you raise answers are as follows:

Any Football League club can apply for an Academy Licence as long as they meet the criteria laid out by the Football League and for the Premier League Games programme.

There are no FA rules that state as a club with an Academy we must provide community coaching. As an Academy there are no costs to registered players which includes free coaching.

Compensation is payable to other Football League and Premier League clubs agreed between the clubs or at a tribunal but this does not apply to local clubs. The bigger clubs with more resources available sometimes give a bag of balls or kit as a gift. MK Dons are always trying to form links with those local clubs that are interested by inviting their coaches and players into the Academy for training games and to work with the coaches.

I hope that this assists.

Think this is some what wrong as all clubs pay to be registerd to the berks and bucks fa who in turn have to abide by there governing rules thats what local clubs pay to register for

so if anyone nicks players thay are ment to cough up
check the FA Rules
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