Robbie's first window challenge (with us)

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Re: Robbie's first window challenge (with us)

Postby SG19Cowshed Das Boot » Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:32 pm

MKDF wrote:
SG19Cowshed Das Boot wrote:
MKDF wrote:Well, SG, who'd have thought you're a fake news man? :o :lol: ... 26428352/5

Being a petrolhead, I couldn't resist poking fun at the weasel words of the PSA boss expressing "willingness to develop the iconic Vauxhall brand for its faithful customers" whatever that means in reality, by quoting the amusing Sniff Petrol spoof news report from last week, which sums up their intentions rather well, imho :)
400 character limit on the BBC means I couldn't quote everything I wanted to: "Insiders say PSA is particularly attracted to the GM Europe because of the natural alignment between their current range, which used to look shit but is now more attractive and which is often sold at a discount, and the Peugeot-Citroen model line-up, which used to look shit but is now more attractive and which is often sold at a discount." ;)

"Trump to ban European cars" also made me chuckle, and the "not" adverts are worth a look too - enjoy! :D ... K9aYIdo3b1 ... K9ee4do3b0

I always wondered how France gets around EU state aid rules. Presumably through a profitable investor argument. I'd love to see the UK maintain minority interests in key industries in this country and abroad. Ideally through a sovereign wealth fund. Alas we are not so enlightened.

How does it go again? Germany makes the rules, Britain obeys the rules, France bends the rules, and Italy ignores the rules... :)
Hasn't the UK retained minority (& majority) interests in the banking industry for the past decade or so... ;-)
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