Port Vale reviews....

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Port Vale reviews....

Postby ACDon » Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:04 am

First of all the positives; It was a lovely sunny day, the beer (despite a couple of casualties :lol: ) and BBQ at the Bulls Head was up to its usual standard, our train travel went smoothly and was pretty much on time, Muirhead had what was possibly his best game for us (enough said), George Williams stayed on the field for what looked like the most blatant elbow I have seen this season (lucky lad, we need him out there playing) and finally we came away with a point.

Next the negatives; We looked lack lustre against a very poor Vale side who went into the game on the back of a 2-1 defeat to bottom side Coventry City, were basically there for the taking and despite dominating the majority of the game we failed to convert the chances we created. Not sure what has happened to one or two of our players (like Bowditch and Powell) but those players that have come in certainly aren't convincing me they are any better or even as good. And last but probably most significant, hearing regular home and away supporters expressing their concern at the new Nielson regime/brand of football. I know the threats made about no longer attending games are not real because the supporters in question have been going for years and football is in their blood, but worrying nonetheless.

Just for a bit of fun, for those of you who bought a match day programme yesterday; how many mistakes can you spot and what are they?

Whether you attended the game or not, feel free to post your thoughts on this thread.
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Re: Port Vale reviews....

Postby Furzdonny » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:32 am

Thanks for the report and glad that you seem to have a good day out despite the football.

I'm getting a tad concerned that after the initial promise that Robbie's teams aren't performing and for what ever reason it is a concern, especially considering our recent recruitment. One thing that does strike me that despite some notable excepts - George Baldock, George Williams & Harvey Barnes, is that we are a one paced, slow team. In particular I am thinking about Nicky Maynard, Robbie Muirhead, Ed Upson, Stuart O'Keefe, Lewie & Darren Potter (although I would resign the last two). If we are to compete for and retain Championship football we do need strength, but for the teams that do well they also have pace and I trust that Robbie & Bobby have come to realise this.
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Re: Port Vale reviews....

Postby warwickdons » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:29 pm

AC you've prety much summed up the day, Bulls Head was by far and away the best part of the day, plus after a slow walk back to Longport station, and expecting to wait 45 minutes for a train back to Stoke, we were pleased to find the local train running 15 minutes late, as we stepped on the platform it arrived, so on we got with everyone else who had made the dash to get it :lol: , so this enabled us to get a train back to Leamington an hour early :D
As for the game, agree Williams was lucky to stay on the pitch, Barnes struck a post, Muirhead came close twice and Agard once, Port Vale were awful.
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Re: Port Vale reviews....

Postby LinsladeDon » Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:10 pm

Indeed a lovely sunny day, spent the morning pottering about in the garden cutting the grass and a general tidying up after winter. Retired indoors for a late lunch and suitable refreshments with a very pleasant mine hostess.
Then for the match, got an excellent seat with a good position in comfortable hearing distance of the radio - and then my day went downhill!
Three CR commentator Luke Ashmead seems to think his job is to comment rather than give us a running commentary about what is happening on the pitch. As nothing seemed to be happening on the pitch his comments, perhaps understandably, were as dull as dishwater.
I remember just about this time last season questioning the wisdom of wasting time, effort and money travelling to away games and here I am now thinking about the waste of time just listening to such dirge!
Commiserations to those that went and thanks for your comments. I have been told by my "learn'éd friends" that I am the only one known to see or say anything positive about Muirhead so was pleased to see AC Don saying that this was probably his best game for us yet - notwithstanding his (enough said) ;)
Far too early for us to make a positive judgement on how Robbie is doing but I think is fair to say that he doesn't appear to be doing himself many favours at the moment.
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Re: Port Vale reviews....

Postby MKDF » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:32 pm

Yep - its a football chat programme really, with occasional updates. Brilliant for those who just want to hear Luke's voice - his mum and suchlike.

Remember the days of professional commentary when you got a mental picture of what's going on? No chance...
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