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Postby LinsladeDon » Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:23 am

Andrew Cullen (AC) & Paul Tisdale (Tis) were questioned for 2 hours at a well attended event.

In no particular order;

Questions about individual players, all answered by Tis,
Aneke, An ambitious player who wants to play in a higher league and wants away. The loan window closes soon and it is entirely up to him what he does next - the suggestion being does he knuckles down and get on with it or does he sit back and sulk about it. The unsaid problem the club have is how would he affect a happy squad?

Cisse, He was a 'want away' player but after the Spanish trip he approached Tis and said he likes what is now happening, wants to be part of it and can he stay. Tis said "Yes, there are things you do that I like but also things I don't like and I suggest we make some changes. We can all see the difference in him, even Tis is surprised!

McGrandles, Had a very delicate operation which left him traumatized and is now resting at home. Tis was surprised at how well he had been playing and added that it was very disappointing to lose him and Pawlett so early and probably both out for the next two months.

Sow, another ambitious player who thought it best to move on when he heard of another club's interest in him.

Training ground.
AC said nothing had happened until about 5 weeks ago when there was a bit of a breakthrough. Can't say any more than that but by the time the next Forum comes around he hopes to be in a position to say that plans had been/were being submitted. Tis showed a touch of humour when he added that the next Forum was due to be held in 7 years time!

Redundancies were necessary as relegation had resulted in the club taking a £2m hit. Savings made amount to 12/13k monthly.

Who designed this abomination of a kit?
It was originally thought that the black kit should be designed differently from the white and red and gold stripes were introduced. It was later decided that all kits should be of the same pattern as in our norm. White sells at 3-1 ratio with the black and sales are going well - over 600 sold.

Why do we bring every player back to defend corners?
Our first aim is to prevent the opposition scoring - as simple as that. We know there can be consequencies and things may change in the future.

Why don't we line-up in a different formation at K.O. to confuse any scouts who may be attending for our next opponents?
We do occasionally, but not always.

Sponsor for the stadium?
Firstly we don't want a short term sponsor, 10 years or more would be appropriate. Secondly we are not just offering a stadium, but also an Arena and a large hotel (admittedly with Hilton connections) and thirdly we are in League 2.

Why is the MOTM presentation been moved from Club Red to Platinum?
A very emotive question and I chipped in with the comment that as many as 20 to 30 youngsters usually want to get the player's autographs, these kids are our future and now we are denying them the opportunity to meet their heroes! Outcome is that a short presentation will be in Club Platinum and the player will then go to Club Red for interview. In fact it is planned to get 3 players at interview if possible and it was admitted that the club had failed to explain this change properly.

Questions about a new striker/scouting lower leagues.
Our budget has been spent, players will have to go out before new players can come in.
We would be taking a chance on a lower league player and some of our Academy players would have to be released to accommodate them - we don't want too many if you are going to give them your full attention. It is thought better to concentrate on improving our own youngsters.

Probably a few other points that I haven't mentioned such as; the coach for the disabled and why do you (Tis) go down the tunnel without waving to the fans (Tis asked the fella where did he sit and he would try and wave to him in future), the fact that from the Tis home to Exeter is 100.1 miles and to stad:MK 100.2, but you do have have gist of the main points.

Finally, my impression of our new manager. Doesn't shirk any questions, gives careful, considered answers mixed with a sense of humour. Is here for the long haul, is passionate and realistic about the job in hand and knows full well that it is going to take time. He is a genuine guy, no flannel and I am sure PW will give him the time he needs.
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Re: Fans Forum Aug 2018

Postby ACDon » Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:56 am

Thanks for going to the trouble of writing the summary of last night's questions and answers at the fans forum LD, I must admit I have only been to one fans forum, quite enjoyed it, but found the answers very well thought out and predictable, rather like the Aneke and Sow situations. Also, I would suggest the reason we have still got Cisse is because he was put on a well paid, long term contract with the club and nobody else wants him, fair play to him for knuckling down and putting in some improved performances though. I think Sow would probably score goals at league 2 level, but given his injury record and the fact he wants to move on, I would get rid, but not sure where we would stand regarding wages (re a loan move) because I understand he is also on a good wage and a contract which takes him through this season. It's a complicated situation but I would say a large reason why several working class people have lost their jobs.

So far, I'm fairly impressed with Tisdale, he has improved our defence and got us off to a decent start this season, hopefully we can move on.
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Re: Fans Forum Aug 2018

Postby Furzdonny » Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:17 pm

It starts about a half hour too early for me and I prefer the later one in the season. I quite like them, although rarely surprised by the answers, but it's good PR.
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Re: Fans Forum Aug 2018

Postby MKDF » Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:59 pm

Excellent write up. Thanks for that.
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