Reminders of the forum posting rules

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Reminders of the forum posting rules

Postby Mark » Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:37 pm


I've become aware of some posts that go beyond what I want to see on TheZoneMK. Here is a quick run down of the 'rules'.

Swearing on this forum is not allowed. It's viewed by a number of youngsters who do not need to read real or implied obscenities, including using *~#@ in place of a swear word or common replacement words such has 'foobin'... If it reads like swearing was intended then it's swearing in my book.

No personal attacks should be made against other posters, either individually or collectively, on this forum or others - if a remark has been made about you elsewhere then please use their forum to respond not this one.

No racist or homophobic comments at all (no yellow card here, this is a straight red).

If the swearing ban is breached then the Mods may, in the first instance, delete the offending word(s), otherwise, as for personal attacks, a warning will be given; if that warning isn't adhered to then a ban will follow. I don't have time to get into debates on the right or wrongs of a ban. If you get a yellow card be very careful. The beer coat at 23:17 is no excuse either.

The above rules apply irrespective of whether the offending material is posted directly or indirectly, for example via a link to another website or to a YouTube link or similar.

This is a community site and gets viewed by young and old. These rules are in line with the intended audience. If anyone posting on here has a problem with this then please feel free to post elsewhere.

If you read a post you feel is in violation of these rules please report it.

And for the vast majority of folks who are making this site a great place for MKDons fans, and other connected with football in and around Milton Keynes I really like to say thanks for your support in the TheZoneMK.


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