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Re: Youth Football 2018/19

Postby fairplay » Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:48 pm

A bit of an update for you all,

County FA have requested a meeting with both MKBCYFL and MKDDL to put forward their plan for the way that youth football in MK should progress. In light of that they have asked that both Leagues maintain the setup of this season for 2018/19 - which the MKBCYFL has agreed to do - and we will therefore continue to offer U14 to U18 football on either Saturday or Sunday (as preferred by member clubs) next season.

We have also postponed our next General Meeting - scheduled for the 23rd April - in anticipation of this meeting - but although we were able to meet on any of the original dates set by County others were not - so the meeting has been delayed until 15th May. However as the plan relates to 2019 and beyond it potentially has no impact on next season.

As we understand it there will be no change to sanctioning for next season so the MKBCYFL will be continue to be the only league sanctioned to run U14 to U18 - and we are therefore planning around this.

The League will - again - only be charging an entry fee per Club - and not a 'per team' tariff - as it tries to put it's funds back into grass roots.

League entry forms will be sent out shortly - with a return date of May 31st.

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Re: Youth Football 2018/19

Postby aidenwb » Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:48 pm

Hi All,

I think the main points are constantly being missed by many. The younger age groups U7 - U11 are classified as non competative with these fixtures now being refereed by parents and coaches due to the lack of referees being available and some of this referring is ludicrous.

This has been noted by many yet we all bemoan the lack of referres, but do nothing about this, but have you all thought or even remembered when this was not a problem before the older age groups were pushed to play on a Saturday?

This push has caused many problems not only with referring as the older age groups were doing this and they were doing this a lot better than coaches and parents, but pitches are also being over played on one day, with some younger age groups having to play at midday to get these fixtures crammed in!

Back to my point, teams at the older age groups are leaving MK in search of more competative football aganst teams of the same calibre with dare i say weaker teams being left behind with the lack of real progression in development for these players.

These teams are not always getting to play football with teams on their level as they are being pushed into smaller divisions of un equall ability, which is far more strutured at the younger age groups due to football not being dilluted which is not due to the legue being better and that is what people are clearly forgetting.

Rather than people arguing with each other clubs need to look at ths problem that we all created and get the children back to playing football, that is competative and equall for all abilities!

The current concencous seems to be the attitude i want rather than what is best for our children playing football, I clearly think the majority of people have fogotten this is about the childen and not your egos!

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Re: Youth Football 2018/19

Postby MKSBE » Tue Jun 19, 2018 3:38 pm

just been looking at numbers for next season and I see BC's numbers are looking impressive;

U13 17/18 season 69 teams with MKDDL same age group U14 18/19 season 27 teams with BC

I think clubs/teams are stating their intent and have had enough, thank god my boys team U15 next season are going Beds Saturday league so they can hopefully get back to having a proper season again :o
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Re: Youth Football 2018/19

Postby heffer » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:44 pm

Maybe if MKSBE is leaving we will get more positive postings on here... :D
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