Entry Fees 2017-18

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Re: Entry Fees 2017-18

Postby MKSBE » Mon May 29, 2017 8:14 am

I requote from my previous post, dear god..!!

So what are the DDL doing wrong then by posting provisional divisions early to enable coaches to lodge any requests against their placing with plenty of time. Also, showing numbers of teams entered at each age something that clubs, teams, coaches, players and parents want. Sorry, I cannot see how this is the wrong thing to do?
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Re: Entry Fees 2017-18

Postby madcow » Tue May 30, 2017 11:58 pm

you think they are doing it to help clubs. then i think you are mistaken. they ar just doing it to show clubs and county how big they are and how many teams have entered the league for the coming season. by including those teams that havent yet actually entered they are upping there numbers. its all a political game to them to take control of football in mk. they are not interested in what the clubs want. they make there own decisions. i see for example that they are ONLY offering football on saturday. no offer of running small sided on a sunday if that is hwat teams want. sticks two fingers up at cfa and the clubs... says it all really
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Re: Entry Fees 2017-18

Postby MK MAGIC » Wed May 31, 2017 11:42 am

This Post is Titled Entry Fees,

We have today entered our teams to both Border Counties and MKDDL. Thought this was worth sharing and highlights a huge fee difference.

BC - 6 teams entered @. £30 cost = £5 per team
DDL - 20 teams entered @£835 cost = £41.75 per team

Why such a huge difference? Can anyone advise what increased value or service DDL offer to warrant such costs?
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Re: Entry Fees 2017-18

Postby MKSBE » Wed May 31, 2017 3:07 pm

£5 per team is not sustainable, reg cards alone for one team will cost more than that to produce....Watch out for an increased level of fines next season U14 teams and above....

PS. MadCow I am not even going to bother to reply..!! :?
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Re: Entry Fees 2017-18

Postby nptfc75 » Wed May 31, 2017 9:15 pm


MKMAGIC, the fee`s to enter the MKBCYFL do seem really low, so if true, how good is that for the clubs, more money to spend on kit and equipment on the people it should be spent on (the players), MKSBE why do you think this will lead to fines ?, is this your experience ?, mine is different, but maybe I am well organised !!??.

MKSBE I also see you defending the MKDDL posting proposed leagues for next season, I agree with you good on them, nothing wrong with that, I guess it probably will change a little between now and the start of the season as teams fold or merge or move !!, but good effort in giving some managers an idea of where they could be playing next season.

Lets go back to the first point, MONEY, I had the privilege of some email communication with Mr Pirie, I asked among other things what happens to the team entry money for all of the non-competitive sides entered into the MKDDL, the answer was referee`s, I took this answer as referee development for the league, think though how many sides pay an entry fee to the MKDDL in the non-competitive divisions, that`s a lot of money ??.

Anyway, I see some people are getting what they wished for, choices, what day to play on is the best, :roll: Saturday or Sunday, now that`s really diluted the competition for u14/15`s, the County FA have got this wrong (only my opinion), so this leaves a right mess to sort out for a league, which is a shame for all the clubs/league volunteers but ultimately the children wanting to play structured football in Milton Keynes.

Yours in sport,

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Re: Entry Fees 2017-18

Postby willowtree » Wed May 31, 2017 10:36 pm


The fee must be sustainable, MKBCYFL charged the same last year i believe.

I have had no fines from the MKBCYFL this season.
I have had hundreds of pounds worth of fines this season from the MKDDL, i accept its for poor administration by us, what i dont understand is why they fine uncompetitive teams for late results?
i know they need to know results to move teams to appropriate divisions at the end of the season, but why fine if you dont need to know untill the end of season?

The charges by the MKDDL are excessive and not necessary, at the agm on sunday i hope they will explain themselves.
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Re: Entry Fees 2017-18

Postby fairplay » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:40 pm

On the subject of money can I just say that the League has tried to be frugal in the past and has built a reasonably healthy bank balance. We had a reputation (deserved or not) for handing out fines all over the place and we have taken advantage of sponsorship opportunities and grants where possible as well.
We are therefore in a position where we felt able to give some of this back to member clubs.

We have done this by running futsal sessions, training days, seminars, coaching courses, referee courses - and (more recently) reducing our entry fees.
We have held our Cup Finals and Presentations at prestigious venues - whilst making sure that we obtained those at reasonable prices - and have had be-spoke medals and trophies at these for the last few years thanks to a long term negotiated agreement.
We are also delighted that we have reduced our income from fines by a combination of rule changes and improved communication - and make no apology for that whatsoever.

Obviously this cannot continue ad-infinitum as there are ongoing costs that need to be covered (MKSBE rightly points to registration cards as an example) and the pot will eventually need to re refilled but why should we keep thousands of pounds of your kids money sitting in the bank doing nothing? We'd rather see it pushed back into MK football.

So there is nothing sinister about the Leagues reduction in costs. We are simply doing what we have done for nearly 50 years - supplying football for the youth of MK to the best of our ability - and at the best price we can offer.
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Re: Entry Fees 2017-18

Postby billybob » Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:44 pm

I have been a manager for many years with teams in both leagues. What MKBC are giving you is something back by dropping the fees. What do you people want, all you go on about is my little Johnny is getting upset because he's does not want to play Sundays get a life. You all need to stop this CRAP and let the league get on with what they do best. GIVING YOUR KIDS A GREAT STANDARD OF COMPETITIVE FOOTBALL. Now go and sit yourself's down have a drink and watch B.G.T
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Re: Entry Fees 2017-18

Postby fairplay » Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:53 pm

thanks for the sentiment billybob - but I'm not sure that your comment actually adds anything.
We need to make sure that we are all pulling together on this issue.
The bottom line is that the League provides the competitions that the Member Clubs want......
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