Important Forum rules

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Important Forum rules

Postby Mark » Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:40 am

This forum will be moderated to ensure content is appropriate to all readers. The following guidelines should be observed.

* no abusive or otherwise offensive language, pictures, or links
* don't refer to, or name any individual
* don't discuss incidents that may be (or have been) the subject to League disciplinary proceedings

If you see any post that contains material that you feel to be inappripriate please report it by using the "Report this post" icon [an exclamation mark in a triangle - top right of the post]. Inappropriate posts will be removed from the forum and the poster may be banned from the forums.

Unless specifically stated this forum contains the views of the individual posters and not the views of any organisation they may or may not be associated with.

This is not an official channel to petition the League on any matter. Any Club, Team or individual wanting to engage in dialog with the League or League representatives should do so using the normal meachnsims, normally through their Club Secretaries.

The League have no obligation to engage in any of the topics posted on this forum.

By using this forum constuctively the League members will be better informed and have a place to debate and evolve thinking on many aspects of the League for the betterment of youth football in the Milton Keynes area.
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