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Welcome to the MKBCYFL Boot Shop

Postby fairplay » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:18 pm

Boys grow quickly and the boots that were their pride and joy when purchased are too small for them all too quickly.
And then what do you do with them? Some can hand them down to siblings, friends or team-mates but many cannot and end up putting them in the rubbish or sending them to the charity shops.

Well here's a new opportunity - advertise them on this forum - for free - and hopefully find them a new home within the local youth league.

Advertisers should obviously describe the boots as best they can; stating make, size, condition - and may specify a price or not - as they desire. (Many people will be happy just to know that the boots are going to someone who get use out of them - rather than them sitting in the back of the hall cupboard for the next 3 years.)

If an advertiser wishes to include their contact details (phone or email) then they can do that - or they can simply ask that any interested parties should PrivateMessage (pm) them using the link on each posting.

Obviously the former allows anyone to access the advertisers contact details (so greater accessibility maybe) - whereas the latter means that the interested party would also have to be a registered user (so greater security)

We shall trial it for a period to see if it is worth keeping - so spread the word about it to others in your team or club - and get posting.

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