What day do we run???

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What day do we run???

Postby heffer » Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:18 pm

Just a thought, given recent postings.
Why are the MKDDL holding their mandatory managers meetings on a Sunday? When they are a Saturday based league?
Do any of us actually questions this?
Their rules state that you cannot contact them on a sunday under any circumstances so surely this is wrong??
Just another little thing that the guys at BC seem to do correctly..
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Re: What day do we run???

Postby greenbanks » Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:44 pm

sorry, but I think you are stirring the pot!
I have no love for either league, but DDL are at least allowing teams to play a game on Saturday morning and they are not stipulating age groups on particular days, which BC are doing.
DDL have always held their managers meeting on a Sunday evening for as long as I can remember, last year BC held their meetings mid-week

I have no doubt there are many managers who would rather be playing on that Saturday morning?
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Re: What day do we run???

Postby heffer » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:44 pm

hi greenbanks
in reply to your first sentence ..... absolutely .... though I would say I am inciting debate rather than 'stiring it'.

My point is that the MKDDL fine anyone that contacts them on a Sunday - but they then hold there general meetings on that day, which is hypocritical..
Your right that the BC hold there's mid-week (monday I think) - but they dont fine you for contacting them on a Monday do they!!

However you are totally wrong with you comment about the days that the league splay. The MKDDL have categorically refused to play on anything other than a Saturday..... even after County FA gave them the option of Sunday as well last season - so they are therefore saying that no team below U14 can play on a Sunday even if they want to.
I am sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong or have misunderstood their postings and emails.

The BC however supplying football on the days that the Clubs themsleves requested it - which is I believe shown on there web site. They have never told teams which day they have to play on. Next season it seems that only the U18's want to play on a sunday and so the MKBC are honoring that. So they have tobe applauded for that at least.

I too have no loyalty to either league but feel the need to point out the hypocrisy at times... and encourage others to question what is happening ... and what the motives are behind that. It often apears that there are some egos being fed rather then the development of kids football and that should worry us all.
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